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Civic EK4 / EG6 Tarmac Front

4077 RC6

Carbone Lorraine High Performance Sintered Brake Pads

HONDA CIVIC EK4 / EG6 using the OE caliper option.

Altogether there are three different friction levels with this brand of which two are specifically suited to Rally conditions

  • RC5 - Very light vehicles, (Single seater race cars in particular)
  • RC6 - Very broad range of vehicles, For tarmac stage rallying this compound is suitable for both front and rear axles on 2WD rallycars where the chassis weight is not high, On the rear axle of 4WD cars where the chassis weight is high yet the disc/caliper arrangement is not overly strong.
    • This compound is also used on both front and rear axles of 4WD cars for gravel stage rallying
  • RC8 - Specifically designed for use with GPA specification disc/caliper assembly where the working temperature is high. The RC8 has a marginally higher friction level yet a better wear rate then that of the RC6.
    • Also available in the RC8 material is the RC8R option which is the same pad material but the brake pad backing plate is grooved to disperse the heat and reduce the risk of warping discs or overheating the brake fluid and caliper seals.

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