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Evo 4/5/6 Front Upper Engine & Gearbox Mounts

PFF44-105 (R
Imprecise handling? Uneven tyre wear? Braking instability?

These are the common problems associated with soft, ageing, or failing rubber compound suspension bushes. POWERFLEX products offer the cure.

Powerflex bushes offer:
  • Prolonged tyre life
  • Improved performance
  • Increase safety
  • Greater cost-effectiveness
Prices shown are for sets. So if for example two are required for the car, then the price shown is for two.

Two units, One for the Engine mount and one for the gearbox mount

The (R) Bushing is specifically for road usage.

Evo 4/5/6 Front Upper Engine & Gearbox Mounts Reviews

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