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Staubli dry break quick release male coupling for fuel lines SPT SPT couplings for inboard fuel lines meet the tough requirements of motorsports by combining high flow performance with reliable non-spill safety. Staubli SPT12 plugs are very compact and...
Professional Barrel pump, Specifically designed for motorsport usage Delivering 1 litre of fuel per turn (when pump is fully primed) Lubricated pump head Supplied with fuel specific hose and filler nozzle Suitable for use with -12 drybreak...
FIA Fuel Connector Applications Fueling and venting of vehicles fitted with FIA dry break couplings Light and high strength aluminium design -12 Dry Break Fuel Coupling Female end for connection to fuel filling pump or vent hose Fits all SPT12...
Staubli SPT12 Dry Break Fuel Coupling Specifically for use with the WRC style fittings Female end for connection to fuel filling pump or vent hose -12 Threaded fitting Flush face design ensures no leakage when disconnecting FIA Approved