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HKS Air Fuel Ratio Regulator - Type L


Air Fuel Ratio Regulator Type L

Type L fits:

  • Some Toyota
    • chassis JZZ30 - engine 1JZGTE 08/96 to 03/01
    • chassis JZX101 - engine 2JZ-GE 09/96 to 09/00
    • chassis JZX101 - engine 1JZ-GTE 09/96 to 09/00
  • All Nissan
  • All Subaru

The HKS AFR is designed to allow small 'trimming' adjustments to the fuel mixture.

On mildly tuned vehicles (exhaust and induction system changes), simple richening or leaning of the fuel mixture may be beneficial.

The AFR will modify the signals sent to the engine management system from the original Air Metering unit, allowing a simple alteration to the air / fuel ratio.

Please call us on 022 42050 if at all unsure about fitment for your vehicle.

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