Seat Padding Kit by OMP Racing (5 Piece Kit) 8mm precut polythylene pads for Kart seats All components are self adhesive to facilitate positioning on any seat shell.
Tyre bag by OMP Racing Suitable for 4 tyres Made in polyamide nylon Tear resistant Waterproof fabric
Kart seat bu OMP Racing Made in semi transparent fibreglass, Available in 6 sizes: 27 cm wide (weight: 0,9 Kg); 29 cm wide (weight: 1 Kg); 30 cm wide (weight: 1,15 Kg), 31 cm wide (weight: 1,25 cm); 32 cm wide (weight: 1,35 Kg); 33 cm wide...
OMP Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge 0.05 bar resolution Battery Powered Range 0 to 7 bar 50mm Diameter Complete with 300mm rubber hose Push button bleed off valve Protected by a shock resistant finned rubber housing
Kart flat bottom seat by OMP Racing Available in 8 sizes: 27 cm wide (weight: 1.10 Kg); 29 cm wide (weight: 1.20 Kg); 30 cm wide (weight: 1,30 Kg), 31 cm wide (weight: 1,35 cm); 32 cm wide (weight: 1,40 Kg); 33 cm wide (weight: 1,45 Kg); 36 cm...
Waterproof kart cover by OMP Racing
RRS Travel Bag 105 Litres capacity. Easy to carry with the telescopic handle and sturdy wheels. With the 6 independant pockets, you can put all your equipment in this bag : suit, shoes, helmet, underwear etc. Strong stitching. Dimensions :...
OMP Analog Tyre Pressure Gauge 0.05bar resolution Scale:0 to 40psi, 0 to 2.7bar Large 9cm diametre gauge with protective rubber case
Intercomp 2.5" 0-60 psi liquid filled tyre pressure gauge. Includes a high-quality, thumb operated bleeder and nozzle. High visibility with major and minor graduation marks. 2.5" Air Pressure Gauge Liquid-Filled 0-60 x 1 PSI
AIM MultiChron - Unique multi display stopwatch A Unique multi display stopwatch, which enables you to time up to four competitors simultaneously. Up to 99 lap times plus up to 9 split times per lap, per competitor can be taken and stored in memory...
OMP Racing Painted Steel frame Kart Trolley Easy disassembles for storage Fitted with 2 large tyres & 2 castor wheels Adjustable width design to accomodate different chassis Steering handles to facilitate maneuvering Single Colour Option: Red