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Monit G-Series Rally Computer

G-100 / G-200

The new Monit G-Series has replaced the successful T-Series. The new G-Series has all the featured of its predecessor with the addition of a high-sensitivity GPS receiver. This allows the unit measure distance and speed without the need of a traditional wheel speed sensor, greatly simplifying installation and improving reliability.

Integrated GPS Receiver: The high quality internal receiver fits into the same casing as the original T-Series making the G-Series extremely compact and easy to install. The receiver uses an external roof mounted antenna that provides excellent reception in most enviroments

GPS+ Sensor Fusion:

The G-Series can measure distance and speed using either the GPS satellite signal or a traditional wheel speed sensor, or both. If both are used the prepriority GPS+ software automatically switches over to the wheel sensor if the GPS signal is lost. This means that accurate operation can be maintained even in tunnells or very dense forest cover where the satellite signal may be degraded.

Stage Recorder (G-200 only)

A new software function allows convenient recording of stage data using a foot switch input. Simply press the switch at the stage end to record distance, time, average and maximum speeds. This timer starts automatically when the vehicle moves from the startline.

Backup Battery:

Distance and clock settings are maintained for up to two weeks if mains power is removed. Ideal for vehicles on multi-day events.

There are two models within the G-Series. the G-100 is aimed at the entry level competitor who require only basic functions while the G-200 is fully featured and includes time of day clock and a fuel level measurement system. The small size and weight also makes mounting the G-Series inside a vehicle much easier, and the plug in wiring loom makes it easy to swap between vehicles


All G-Series units require an external antenna to receive GPS signal. This is an additional item that must be purchased seperately.

Recce Car Kit:

Optional Recce Car Kit comprises of a suction mount bracket, a wiring loom to connect to the cigarette lighter adaptor adn a reset button.

Features of the G-100 include:

  • Total Distance
  • Interval Distance
  • Current Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Stopwatch
  • Vehicle Performance Timer
  • Remote Reset x Qty:2
  • Operates in Miles or KMs
  • Freeze Function
  • Counts either Up or Down
  • Simple Calibration Wizard
  • GPS+ Technology

The G-200 has all the same features of the G-100 and the following in addition:

  • Average Speed
  • Fuel Guage
  • Time Of Day
  • Quarter Mile Performance Timer
  • Special Stage data recorder


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