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RA FIA Tarmac Tyre


The new evolution replacing the RK tyre

This product has been specifically developed for a reduced and linear treadwear, especially in the center. The design criteria used has strongly contributed to a larger contact area and consequently more constant and stable performance charateristics. The inner shoulder has a wide circumferential groove allowing the tyre to provide optimum braking and traction even on dirty or damp surfaces. Centre section features a narrow central groove designed to reduce wear whilst guaranteeing precise and agile steering. Outer shoulder is wide with reduced grooves in order to enhance lateral stability and provide maximum support during cornering.


  • SUPER SOFT RA9 20°-60° working temperature
  • SOFT RA7+ 30°-70° working temperature
  • MEDIUM RA7 50°-90° working temperature
  • HARD RA5 70°-110° working temperature

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