Gift Vouchers are available from €25 upwards. We have put some of the options on this page for on-line purchase but please note that if you require a specific amount not listed dont hesitate to call us on 022-42050 or 02868632756
Produced for marking of tyre sidewalls but also commonly used for the identification marking of brake, suspension & engine components. Stocked by us in two colour options: White Blue
Rain-X Anti-Fog prevents interior fogging before the problem begins! Anti-fog is specifically designed to eliminate interior condensation, fogging and steaming, caused by wet weather, high humidity & temperatures changes. Rain-X Anti-Fog Extra...
This famous brand is a world leader regarding this kind of products Rain X anti- rain is perfect for windshield and car glasses. Rain-X Rain repellent improves wet weather driving visibility. Simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the...
The new 25 mm wide super resistant adhesive Velcro tape, fastening system that best suits your needs!Fixing systems have really revolutionized the world of closures in recent years. This is an adhesive product with hook and loop attachment. This Velcro...
Rain-X Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellent The Rain-X Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellent is a specially designed formula, which cleans your car's exterior glass, while adding a rain repellent barrier to improve wet weather driving visibility ...
RAIN X Fogproof Spray 500ml is the ultimate practical size so it's easy for the motorist to use.Improves visibility and safety in rainy weather. Creates a film that is invisible to the eye to prevent your windscreen fogging...
Ballast weight for tent. In plastic. Fill with water or sand. Dimension : diametre 235mm height 255mm.
GRP4 Fabrications
Sill Stand Fitting Kit Designed for use in conjunction with the GRP5811B Stands (20mm pin diametre) Set of Four
AC Hydraulic
Rubber Jack Head base for use with the AC Hydraulic Jack
Goodridge stainless steel lockwire 0.81mm/0.024 inches/22G. LWD597 aircraft grade 302 mil spec lock wire.  
As time elapses the red disk disappears. Large enough to see from a distance. You never need to replace batteries. (Make sure to wind-up the timer every time before setting countdown minutes) Measures 7.5x7.5 inches / 190x190mm. No batteries...
Kielder specifically produced range of foam wheel inserts. Range of sizes and options available as per dropdown. Securely holds and protects Kielder KWT-002 Impact Wrench (compatible with both 1st and 2nd generation models). Professionally made from...
Polypropylene jack ramps (Pair) Made from PolyPropylene (PP), these mini ramps are light and extremely resistant. They are also easy to store, and perfect to raise a very low car to allow the jack to enter. With its multiple vents, you can also...
Durable Rubber Blade-Floor squeegee Heavy duty outdoor design with an extra-wide 60cm durable rubber blade. Comes with a hanging hole at the handle's end to allow for convenient storage Long 4 part 163cm handle.
Hamilton Motorsport
Cast Iron moulded weights. Slotted to locate on marquee foot and can be stacked. Suitable for use on all models of marquee Price is per pair.
Dual-feed brake bleederBleed container with check valves for optimal bleeding.You can bleed a calliper using the 2 bleed screws at the same time.Capacity: 500 ml.