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Tilton 600 Series 3-Pedal Pedal Box Assy

Tilton Brake Pedal Assembly to latest specification.
Mounting location: Floor
Pedals: Aluminium brake, clutch and throttle.
Master cylinders: 3 (not included, should be ordered separately)
Pedal assembly is fully optimised for strength, stiffness and weight using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
Adjustable clutch pedal stop prevents clutch over-stroking.
Forged aluminium pedals with adjustable (vertical & horizontal) foot pads and anti-slip surfaces. Ratios achievable: 5.29:1, 5.44:1, 5.61:1, 5.75:1.
Lightweight aluminium frame features guide "ramps" to reduce balance bar tipping. By decreasing balance bar tipping, friction is decreased and brake repeatability is improved.
Large diameter 7/16"-20 balance bar, allowing front/rear brake bias adjustments, minimises flex to provide a solid pedal feel/response. Coated aluminium clevises for increased durability and reduced friction.
Pedal pivots feature wave washers to reduce lateral pedal movement and oil impregnated bronze bushings decrease stiction.

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