Swivel Throttle Cable Stop (Single Cable) Solderless Nipple Suits Bulkhead side and underfoot side assemblies
A handy stainless steel swivel fitting allowing two throttle cables to be attached to the Tilton bulkhead side or underfoot assemblies
Hydraulic brake light switch 3/8 UNF thread to suit the port on the Tilton 76 Series Cylinders
Flexible air intake hose / brake duct hose, -50 till +200° celcius. Suitable for brake cooling or to provide your engine/car with fresh air, etc. Price is per meter but sold in 4mtr lengths. Please select diameter required from the options...
Flexible silicone duct hose Single ply duct hose. Temperature range: -80°C to 310°C. Used for brake cooling, duct hose, fresh air The price is a per metre but sold in four metre lengths. Please select the diametre...
Tilton brake cylinder fluid reservoir bottle Choice of 7/16x20 bulkhead mount or Direct Mount
Aluminium false floor kit for use with the Tilton 72-616 underfoot/reverse cylinder floor mount pedal assembly.  This precision manufactured aluminium floor features swaged lightening holes which both add strength and allow access to the rear...
The Tilton 72-508 or 72-509 brake bias adjuster cable attaches to the brake balance bar and allows the driver to adjust the brake bias during competition.  The unit had been recently updated to incorporate a double detent to give...
GRP4 Fabrications
Weld in Steel base plate for mounting Tilton 600 (72-603) Floor mounted pedal box in right hand drive cars. With alloy anodized removable cover. 
• Reliable seal/piston design. • Corrosion resistant black anodised aluminum alloy body • 29mm of stroke provides the fluid displacement needed for a wide variety of applications. • AN4 inlet port...
The Tilton Fly By Wire Throttle Mount is an optional component for use with 72-603, 72-615, 72-803 and 72-903 three pedal floor mount assemblies.  The mount enables the use of our .5-4.5v  dual channel throttle position sensor. Sensor Features...
The Tilton cable clutch linkage allows clutch cables to now be connected to Tilton pedal assemblies. This linkage can be fitted to all 600 and 800 series pedal assemblies that have a clutch pedal installed.
A shorter version of Tilton’s popular 72-577 reservoir the 3-chamber low profile plastic reservoir is designed to fit in applications where space and/or height are limited. Fiberglass reinforced nylon material Three separate internal...
This Tilton throttle linkage assembly is an optional component for use with 3 pedal floor mount assemblies, 72-603, 72-680 and 72-903 assemblies.  The Linkage enables tuning of throttle progression for track conditions and driver...
Tilton 72-793 throttle linkage for the Tilton 72-616 pedal assembly. The throttle linkage can be used with either a cable or with a throttle position sensor. This item you are viewing is for the cable setup. For throttle sensor / fly-by-wire throttle...
• Fibreglass reinforced nylon material. • Three separate internal reservoirs allow for complete evacuation of one, without affecting the remaining two. • Gasket-sealed removable lid allows for easy cleaning...
Monit Rally Computers
Designed to work with all pedal boxes and balance bars, the new patent pending Monit Brake bias Dial allows drivers to easily view, and adjust, the position that their brake bias is set too. Reset the display to ‘zero’ at their preferred...
• Tilton Brake Pedal Assembly to latest specification. • Mounting location: Floor • Pedals: Aluminium brake, clutch and throttle. • Master cylinders: 3 (not included, should be ordered...