GRP4 Fabrications
Comes with 1/2" push on or AN10 threaded fittings. Sight gauge and drain plug. Dimensions: (LxBxH) 160mm x 85mm x 110mm) without fittings.
GRP4 Fabrications
Comes with 1/2" push on fittings. Sight guage and Drain Plug. Dimensions: (LxBxH) 160mm x 85mm x 210mm) without fittings.
The PRO-S Aluminium Washer Reservoir is the perfect solution to finish off the look of your engine bay and replace the dull, stock plastic tank. Tank Capacity 1.75L,  Available In Horizontal or Vertical Vertical Size – Length 10cm, Breadth...
AH Fabrications
A Group 4 Escort 11 gallon foam filled shaped fuel tank for injection systems. The ultimate fuel tank for the group 4 Escort, has an internal fuel swirl pot that needs to be fed by a Facet Red Top fuel pump. This will provide air free fuel to your...
AH Fabrications
This easy clean dry sump tank is based on the successful AHF087 1.5 Gallon dry sump tank design. This sump tank comes with some additional features. Open the tank by removing 12 bolts, then remove the internal baffle, this gives access to all internal...