AP Racing
Rally4 CP7382-OH80-SF  R2T & R2  CP7381-CE80-SF BONDED - DRIVEN PLATES Rally4 CP8300-A036H Qty:1 - 3 Paddle 1.00" x 23 spline CP8300-G036H Qty:1 - 3 Paddle 1.00" x 23 spline R2T CP8300-A036H Qty: 1 - 3 Paddle 1.00" x...
AP Racing
AP Racing twin plate 'I' Drive rally clutch cover with a double grey diaphragm spring, for the M-Sport Ford Fiesta R5 Evo. APPLICATIONS: Lightweight version of CP8022-CH81-SF Steel Pressure Plates used differ M-Sport Fiesta R5 Evo...
Helix Autosport
Helix Autosport Group N 3-Piece 240mm Competition Clutch Kit.Suitable for full competition usage of cars with a power output of upto 645NM or 474lbft of torque.Comprises of a pressure plate, clutch disc & release bearing.