Produced for marking of tyre sidewalls but also commonly used for the identification marking of brake, suspension & engine components. Stocked by us in two colour options: White Blue
Compact tyre pressure gauge very accurate manufactured to TUV approval standard. Metal case to provide shock and vibration resistance. Has bleed button to release inner pressure on gauge after use. Gauge dial has easy to read P.S.I 0-60 and BAR 0-4...
10-60psi / 0-4 Bar Dual display Retains pressure reading when removed from valve Release button to zero / deflate tyre Supplied with hard plastic carry case for safe storage Ideal gauge for within the rallycar.
B-G Racing
The BG Racing 2.5” Tyre Pressure Gauge is manufactured in the USA andrigorously tested to provide repeatable and accurate readings. Featuring a dual unit face, measuring from 0 to 60 Psi and 0 to 4 Bar, thisgauge will be suitable for a wide range...
OMP Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge 0.05 bar resolution Battery Powered Range 0 to 7 bar 50mm Diameter Complete with 300mm rubber hose Push button bleed off valve Protected by a shock resistant finned rubber housing
Intercomp 2.5" 0-60 psi liquid filled tyre pressure gauge. Includes a high-quality, thumb operated bleeder and nozzle. High visibility with major and minor graduation marks. 2.5" Air Pressure Gauge Liquid-Filled 0-60 x 1 PSI
Intercomp Deluxe 4" Pressure Gauge 0-60psi  Includes a high-quality, thumb operated bleeder and swivel nozzle on a 17" Hose. High visibility with major and minor graduation marks. 4" Air Pressure Gauge Glow-In-The-Dark 0-60 x 1...
This ultra quick Intercomp digital tyre pressure gauge is highly accurate and is the choice of professionals in all types of motorsports. It has an easy to use keypad calibration and a peak hold function with a thumb operated bleed off. Easy to read,...